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30-Jun-2016 00:32

Occasional announcements sent by Streaming Media, or on behalf of our advertising partners, on what we feel are important offers, developments, publications, and events in the streaming/online video industry.

In these Buyer's Guide articles, we don't claim to cover every product or vendor in a particular category, but rather provide our readers with the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions, sometimes using specific vendors or products as exemplars of those features and services.

You probably already have accounts for Netflix or Hulu Plus—maybe even both.

But if you really love Hollywood movies, foreign art films, or exploitative trash—and all three have their pleasures—you might want to explore some lesser-known motion picture streaming services.

Telecom giants are not blind to the threat; Comcast has its standalone Comcast Stream service and Watchable online TV app, Verizon has go90, and AT&T has Direc TV Now.

This comes as networks that were once only available with a pay TV subscription—HBO, Showtime, and Starz—introduce only-online alternatives.

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But speedier internet connections, an abundance of dedicated streaming video devices, and an explosion of mobile video has allowed services like Netflix and Amazon to bulk up streaming libraries, invest millions in original content, and give traditional pay TV providers a run for their money.

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