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15-Jan-2016 09:43

You need to have a life –Life is too short to be spending it staring at your phone waiting for a reply. Sometimes the Universe will give you hints that there’s somebody else out there better suited for you. A lot of us are so stubborn at times that we try and try to make things work. Just because he came back, doesn’t mean he’s staying. Not everyone deserves a third chance (Because I’m sure there was already a second). This helps the other person move faster from denial to acceptance. No matter how much they like you, no one can send you whatsapp messages 24/7. I know it hurts to accept it but some things just doesn’t work no matter how long you’ve been together or how many times you had to fight for it.

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radical honesty in dating

So I was surprised when a woman shared a first date story with me about meeting a man who showed up looking slovenly and unkempt.I was told and retold from a young age that I would be free to choose any career, that being a woman is a strength and certainly not a weakness, and that there is absolutely nothing a man can do that I wouldn't succeed at—which never actually worried me.