Devexpress aspxgridview rowvalidating

08-Feb-2016 21:52

Even if I am the only user editing the data, if I edit the same record twice using the Dev Express ASPXGrid View I get a concurrency exception! On my web page with the Dev Express ASPXGrid View I am using an Entity Data Source to make the binding between the grid view and the entity framework. I have the following events hooked: protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Countries Entity Data Source_Context Creating(object sender, Entity Data Source Context Creating Event Args e) protected void dbg Countries_Init New Row(object sender, Dev Express. Seeing that I should not even be getting the exception in the first place I guess they would not help. ASPx Grid View Custom Error Text Event Args e) protected void dbg Countries_Row Validating(object sender, Dev Express. Checked Dev Express forums, checked other posts here on Stack Overflow, various posts on the internet, Microsoft MSDN articles on concurrency and I just can not work this out.

使用Get Row Key取行主键值 35 二十二、 服务器端栏位取值与赋值 35 1.取行值 35 2.取列值 36 二十三、 栏位编辑风格 38 1. We have an Entity Server Mode Data Source control, which is bound to the Data Source ID property.转载请注明出处: ----------------------------------------------------------- ASPx Grid View 事件---------------------------------------------------------ASPx Grid View 默认是以callback方式(ajax方式)传递数据给服务器来实现局部刷新功能的 若要改为postback方式,可设置 Enable Call Backs = "false" ---------------------------------------------------------展示视图---------------------------------------------------------Row Created(创建行数据时触发,类似 Grid View 的 Data Item Create 事件) protected void grid_Html Row Created(object sender, Dev Express. As I am awaiting for my author copies of —I have books promised—I am poking around and plumbing the ASP.

NET controls and their many members for interesting aspects and interesting ways to present them.

ASPx Grid View Exporter重要属性 32 4.主从ASPx Grid View数据导出 32 5.导出到Pdf时中文乱码问题的解决 33 十九、 报表打印 33 二十、 懒加载 33 二十一、 客户端栏位取值与赋值 33 1.使用Get Page Row Values取当前页指定栏位值 33 2.使用Get Row Values取指定行指定栏位值 34 3.使用Get Selected Field Values取选中行指定栏位值 34 4.取栏位实例 34 5.使用Get Columns Count取栏位总数 34 6.使用Move Column隐藏和移动栏位 34 7.