Intimidating wiki

29-Jan-2017 08:12

In The Sims 2 on Game Boy Advance Intimidating is one of the 3 aspirations available.With this you get extra points for each Intimidating conversation you have in an episode (you will only gain points for 5 conversations per episode).Calm Down is used instead of Intimidate from the GBA and PSP Version, although it plays the Intimidate music from The GBA Version when the user is about to calm down a Sim.Intimidate in the PSP version is similar to the GBA Version.

For example, an intimidated enemy will not attack if their allies are wounded/killed, or if loose objects are looted.

Once an attempt is made, another is possible after waiting a short amount of time.

If successful, the target will raise their arms and surrender and become a friendly according to your HUD; however, it seems like after waiting a span of several minutes some pacified targets can become hostile again.

In a Triple Battle, Intimidate does not affect non-adjacent Pokémon.

Intimidate does not affect Pokémon with the Full Metal Body Ability.

In The Sims 2 for PSP, Intimidate will unlock a Dark Secret after Friend 4 or Romance 4 and Intimidating can also cause an enemy if this is done.